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Roofing Blogs. We have hundreds of roofing blogs to help you the home-owner with your roofing projects. Since 2005 has provided free advice for those “do it yourself” people and those that just need help hiring a roofing contractor and answering roofing questions. Topics from, how to measure a roof, to installation tips, our roofing blogs can help you get it right the first time. First time here? Check out our Popular Topics on the bottom left side of this page. Please leave a comment if these blogs about roofs were useful.

Popular Roofing Blogs

Art of Rain Custom made downspouts. { A Must See }

Wet Felt Can I roof over wet felt?

Roof Art Designs on top of a roof.

Tubular Skylights Finding the best place for the best lighting.

Buckling Shingles The reason why your roof is buckling – APA Video

Staggered Cedar Shakes A custom look for shake roofs.

Noisy Down Spout when it rains? How to fix that nagging drip.

How to measure a roof from the ground Accurately and safely gathering roof measurements.

Attic Ventilation How attic ventilation works.

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